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Instant Payday Loans (on approval), Fast Applications, Quick Decision

Representative APR 2628.2% (variable)
Example on a loan of £200 for 30 days:
Amount payable – £258
Interest – £58
Interest rate – 352.8% p.a.

This site is for those people who are looking for a quick loan before payday.

Simply use the quick slider above to set your loan amount & the time in which you wish to pay it back (Repayment period), & we will search a whole bunch of lenders for you to find out if you can get a loan paid into your account within the next hour.

You can apply for a loan between £50-£1,000 & get the money paid into your account within 15 minutes.

We will match you against lots of different payday lenders in order to give you the best possible chance of getting the cash you are looking for.

What is a “Payday Loan”?

A payday loan is a short term financial arrangement that is very popular in the United Kingdom, it is intended to provide quick cash to people that require a loan before pay day that can be made available to them at short notice.

These cash loans are usually between £50-£1000, & require a quick online application in order that your criteria can be sent to many different lenders to assess your suitability on a quick credit check.

How Eligible Am I For A Cash Loan?

Many of the applicants for this kind of loan are people with a bad credit rating, so having a bad credit rating doesn’t necessarily mean that you automatically do not qualify.

It helps if you are employed and have a UK bank account, otherwise you could run into complications when applying for a loan, as you will undergo a brief assessment as to your suitability, and you will need an income in order to make the repayments.

Do You Need To Be Employed To Get A Loan?

Ideally that would be the case for any applicants, however there is no harm in making an application, many people that apply for cash advance’s are people that have their own business, or other forms of income, as long as you have the means to pay back the balance that you borrow then it could be viable for the lenders to lend you the cash that you are looking for.

How Quickly Is My Cash Made Available?

If you qualify for a loan, the cash could be made available in your bank within 15 minutes of a completed application & credit check, we endeavor to make the money ready for you as soon as possible as we understand that the applicants need the cash as quickly as possible.

How Much Cash Can I Borrow?

The maximal value that this website will allow you to apply for is £1,000, this is for 2 primary reasons:

1/ It is more responsible to allow you to lend a relatively small amount of money, because you could run into repayment issues if the amount was higher than this.


2/ Most lenders see it as a heightened risk in order to lend someone a balance above this amount, as many of the people that apply for payday loans are subsequently unable to repay the cash balance further down the line.

So How Does Your Payday Loans System Work?

The system matches you against top lenders fast, this is designed to give you an instant decision on whether or not you can get the loan you have applied for.

We Believe if payday loans are available they should be made available quickly, which is why we endeavour to provide this to you (subject to qualification) in a timely and efficient fashion.

Once your application is received, your details go into our system instantly and the system takes your criteria and attempts to match you to a lender based on your information.

Is the Loans System Fast? Or Will I be sat Waiting

The payday loan matching system searches through a panel of lenders in order to find the most suitable & reasonably priced loan for you, this ensures that you receive the best in customer service as a result.
This is perhaps the most important feature of our service, due to the fact that if we search through our system thoroughly, & match you will the lender that is most suitable for your criteria, then this means you are getting quoted for the correct loan for not only your own interests but also the lenders.

If you have bad credit, it is possible that the interests rates on the loan may vary due to the perceived risk of borrowing to an individual with a bad credit rating.

How is it that the system is almost instant? How can anything be that fast?

This is because the criteria for acceptance for each of the lenders is pre-recorded and configured into the system, meaning that, you are auto-matched against a panel of lenders and the most suitable one is selected for you (in the event your criteria matched with one or more of the lenders on the panel).
This means that we can deliver this for you much faster than if this was searched for manually.